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Activate Overview

· What is Activate

· Activate Methodology - Benefits for Consultants & Managers

· Why do we require Activate

· Activate vs ASAP

· Different Phases in Activate

Activate Best Practices

· What are Best Practices

· Purpose of Best Practice System

· Best Practices Explorer

· Best Practice Process Flow Diagrams

· Best Practice Test Scripts

· Best Practice Set-up Instructions

Model Company

· Accelerators Best Practices

· S4 Hana Cloud Accelerators

· Model Company Concept Overview

· Model Company Client Approach

· Model Company Explorer

Guided Configuration

· Overview of On-Premise Guided Configurations

· Configurations in Cloud System

· Prons & Cons of S4 Hana Key Data Settings

· SAP S-4 Hana On Premise

Water Fall Methodology

· Overview of Water Fall Methodology

· How Does Project Methodology defines a Project's Success

· Short Comings of Water Fall

Road Map Viewer

· Overview of Road Map Viewer

· Accelerators for Projects


· Agile Approach for Conversion Projects

· Conversion Landscape

· Sprint Project Structure for Conversion Projects

Agile Methodology

· Agile Terminologies & Overview

· Key Principle of Agile

· Q&A on Agile Principles(Optional)

· Project Sprint Structure with Agile

· Project Sprint Structure - Part 2

· Deep Dive Discussion on Sprint Structure (Optional)

· Example of Shortest S4 Hana Project Delivery

· Business Readiness for Agile

· Key Concepts of Agile

· Right Use Cases for Agile Methodology

· Scrum Master & Scrum Cycle

· Fit & Gap Workshop Handling

· Testing With Agile

· Release Planning

· Project Backlog Responsibilities

· User Stories & Requirement Gathering

· Team Estimation Techniques

· Sprint Completion Definition & Velocity Calculation

· Scrum Meetings

· Scrum Team Structure & Product Owner

Solution Manager

· Introduction to Focused Build

· Access to Focused Build Solution Manager System

· Project Creation & Set up Hands ON

· Project Activity & Task Management

· Project Monitoring Dashboards

Overview of SAP S4 Hana Cloud

· Overview of SAP S4 Hana Cloud

Overview of Rise with SAP

· Overview of Rise with SAP

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