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SAP S/4 Hana Transport Management Training Curricular.


•    Introduction to SAP
•    SAP Basics
•    SAP TM Evolution
   o LE-TRA >> S4HANA
•    Transportation Management from management perspective
•    Shipper, Freight Forwarder and LSP
•    LTL/FTL/LCL/FCL Scenario’s in Logistics Industry

SAP Transportation Management Master Data.

• Transportation specific Master Data

 o    Master Data of SAP ERP and SAP TM
 o    Business Partners & Locations
 o    Organization Master Data
 o    Transportation Network Master Data
 o    Resources Master Data
 o    Charges Master Data

Transportation Network & Capacity Management

• Transportation Network

 o    Default routes
 o    Zones
 o    Lanes
 o    Trans-shipment locations

• Management of freight capacities and schedules is an important aspect of being able to
move cargo


 o    Carrier Schedules
 o    Port Schedules
 o    Departure/Destination Rules

Carrier Process.

•    Relevant carrier Determination and Tendering process significance.

o    Carrier Determination
 o    Means and Modes of Transport
 o    Tenders & Responses

Transportation Charge Management

•    The setup of agreements (contracts) and the Charge calculation

 o    Freight & Forwarding Agreements
 o    Definition of calculation sheets, rate  tables and Scales
 o    Templates

Settlement Management

•    Freight settlement document

 o    Service PO
 o    Service Entry Sheet


•    Credit memo process
•    Dispute Management
•    Carrier Invoice

SAP Transportation Management Architecture

•    An overview of the technical architecture of SAP TM and how integration works
•    Transportation Management E2E Cycle

SAP Transportation Management Requirement/Order Management.

• Shipper scenarios and forwarder/carrier scenarios to explain the capabilities of the customer Order objects

 o    Order Based Transportation Request (OTR)
 o    Delivery Based Transportation Request (DTR)
 o    Forwarding order Scenario
 o    OTR/DTR Determination conditions
 o    Document Number ranges

SAP Transportation Planning

• Transportation planning deals with the activities involved in the assignment of cargo items to Vehicles or reserved capacities on trucks, trains, planes, or vessels

 o    Transportation Cockpit
 o    Selection & Planning profiles
 o    Freight Units Management

  1. Definition

  2. Properties of Freight Unit

  3. Freight unit building rule


 o    Freight Order Management

  1. Freight Order creation

  2. Freight order Stages

  3. Freight order Control


 o    Manual Planning

  1. Planning Strategies

  2. Planning Profiles

  3. Transportation Cockpit

 o    Automatic planning

  1. Optimization

Transportation Execution/Control/Monitor.

•    Execution and monitoring deal with handling freight and providing visibility of shipments
 o    Transportation Execution
 o    Transportation Control
 o    Transportation Monitoring


•    Collaboration Portal

•    Integrations with 3Rd parties 
 o    Carriers
 o    Track & Trace
 o    GIS
 o    LTL Rates


•    SAP Logistics Business Network

Various Scenario’s in SAP TM

 •    Insight into the details of various outbound Processes
 o    Road Scenario
 o    Rail Scenario
 o    Air Scenario 
 o    Ocean Scenario

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