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S/4 Hana Simple Logistics Curricular

Basics of Hana

  • Basics of SAP Hana Architecture

  • Journey to SAP S/4 Hana

  • Different SAP Products with HANA

  • Motivation for SAP S/4 Hana

  • Hana Studio Basics

  • Data Model Changes

  • Business Case for Hana

  • Hana as Sidecar Scenario

S/4 Hana Migration Tools
& User Interface/4 Hana Migration Tools

  • Migration Tools for S/4 Hana - Hana Migration Cockpit

  • BODS Data Migration Capabilities

  • Rapid Data Migration with S/4 Hana

  • FIori Basics - Catalog & Business Groups

  • Embedded Analytics with Fiori

  • Troubleshooting & Challenges with Fiori App Deployment

  • End to End Cycle & Steps for Fiori Deployment

Advance Planning With S/4 Hana

  • Basics of MRP

  • MRP Live

  • MRP Area Simplifications

  • Advance ATP

  • Advance ATP - Backorder Processing

  • Advance ATP - Product Allocation

  • Advance ATP - Release for Delivery

  • Demand Driven MRP

  • Basics of PPDS in S/4 Hana

Order to Cash Simplifications

  • Order to Cash Overview

  • Delta changes in Order to Cash Process

  • Smart Business fiori application for issue handling

  • Data Model Changes for Sales

  • Sales Analytics

  • New BRF+ Output Management

  • Sales Rebate - Settlement Management 

  • Credit Management - FSCM

S/4 Hana Solution Architect

  • Deployment Scenarios for S/4 Hana

  • Deployment Path & Strategies

  • Cloud Products & Strategies

  • Conversion steps and Challenges

  • Green Field, Conversion & Landscape Consolidation

  • Side Car & Central Finance Scenario

  • SAP Activate

  • S/4 Hana Deployment with Agile methodologies

  • Basics of Simplification list

Master Data Simplifications

  • Material Length extension

  • Introduction of New Service Material Type

  • Basics Concepts of Business Partner

  • Fiori Apps & GUI T codes to maintain BP

  • Business Partner CVI customization

  • Data Model changes for Master Data tables

Shop Floor Control
& Inventory Management

  • SAP Fiori Applications for Demand Management - PIR

  • Production Order Cycle with Fiori advanced Applications

  • Fiori Analytics Applications for Production Planning

  • IM data Model Changes

  • Inventory Management Fiori Applications

  • Stock transfer with Advanced Fiori Apps

Procure to Pay Simplifications

  • Procure to Pay Cycle Overview

  • Sourcing with S4 Hana & Ariba Integration

  • S/4 Hana integration with SRM

  • Self Service Procurement with S/4 Hana

  • Procurement Cycle with Fiori Apps

  • Supplier Segmentation & Classification

  • Advanced Workflows with Fiori

  • Activity Management in Sourcing

  • Supplier Evaluation with Questionnaire

  • Procurement Embedded Analytics

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