SAP ABAP Training Curricular.


  • Introduction and Overview of SAP

  • SAP modules at a glance

ABAP Dictionary Concept

  • Tables Data Elements and Domains

  • Transparent. pooled and clustered tables

  • Buffering Indexes etc.

  • Stricture table types and type pools

  • View, Search helps and Lock objects

Data Types

  • Character Integer

  • Numeric characters

  • Floating Point

  • Packed decimals

  • Time, Date, Strings​

Loops & Branches

  • Do, Do n times, while

  • If, If Else, if Ladder, Case

  • Small Programs

  • factorial Programs

  • Indentation

  • Code Inspector

  • Extended Program Check

ABAP Programming Basics

  • I/O Statements, Formatting commands

  • String and Date operations and System fields

  • Field strings 

  • Text Elements

  • Open SQL statements and performance issues

  • Message ( Creating and Calling etc.)

  • Modularization (Subroutines, function, Modules, and Includes)

  • Field Symbols

  • Debugging programs ( Break Points, Watch Points etc.)

  • Extended Syntax Check

  • Runtime Analysis, Performance Trace 

Structures & Internal Tables

  • Overview of Structures 

  • Similar Structures creation

  • Different Structures 

  • Different Structures with Extra fields

  • Overview of Internal Tables

  • Different Internal Tables with Extra Fields

  • Modify Operation on Internal Table

  • Delete Operation on Internal Tables

  • Sorting of Internal Tables (Sort)

  • Searching Techniques of Internal Table   

Smart Forms

  • Smart form and Form Logic 

  • Calling Form from print program

  • Different type of nodes (Page, Table, Loop, etc. 

  • Difference between SAP Script and Smart forms


  • Distribution System

  • ALE Services and Features

  • ALE Inbound and Outbound Process

  • ALE Configuration (Logical systems, RFC, Model view, Port, Partner Profiles etc.)

  • ALE Distribution Scenarios