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SAP S/4 Hana SD Advanced - Course Curriculum

SAP Evolution and type of SAP Projects

  • Why HANA DB is considered efficient than traditional DB?

  • Type of Projects in SAP

  • Type of various roles in SAP

Customer Master and Business Partner

  • Business Partner - Overview and usage in S4 HANA

  • Data flow Direction for Business Partner and Number range relationship​

  • Customer Account Group Configuration Set up

  • Partner Determination Procedure setup for Customer Account Group

  • Business Partner Number Range and CVI Set up

Advance Available to Promise and Transfer of Requirement

  • Advance Available to Promise

  • Advanced ATP functionalities in S/4 HANA

  • Advanced Back Order Processing

  • Advanced Product Allocation

  • ABC- Alternative Based Confirmation

Inter company Sales, Customer Hierarchy and Product Hierarchy

  • Inter company sales processing understanding and configuration

  • Inter company sales Process testing

  • Customer Hierarchy configuration and testing

  • Product Hierarchy configuration and testing

FSCM - Credit Management in S/4 HANA


Reporting & Advanced Fiori Apps

  • Smart Business Applications to handle fulfillment issues

  • Embedded Analytics with Fiori

  • Overview Dashboards in Fiori

  • Transaction code-based reporting

Flexible number range for billing documents

S/4 HANA Terminology

S/4 HANA Terminology explanation:

  • What is difference between HANA DB / HANA Live / S/4 HANA

  • On Premise Vs On Cloud

  • Side Car Scenario

  • Business Suite on HANA

  • Simple Finance on HANA

  • S/4 HANA Enterprise Management

Advanced Customer Master and Business Partner Configurations

  • Configuration and Testing of Flexible Account group selection and Same Number range concept

  • Configuration and Testing of Internal Standard Grouping Number range concept

  • Configuration and Testing for Role Grouping and combining company code and Sales Area view

  • Configuration and Testing for BP Views and combining Company code and Sales Area view

  • Configuration and Testing for Field Grouping and how to make fields Mandatory/Optional/ Display or Suppress

  • Configuration and Testing for Partner Role creation / Role Category creation enabling it for automatic customer master creation for new Role category and new Role

Rebate Settlement Management in S4 HANA


Sales Order Approval workflow in S/4 HANA


Apps in S/4 HANA for Sales



Advance output management

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