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SAP S/4 Hana SD Basics - Course Curriculum


  • Introduction of SAP

  • SAP Basics

  • Overview of Order to Cash Process

  • Integration of Sales & Distribution module with other modules

  • SAP Enterprise structure

  • Fiori Basics & Navigations

Sales Documents

•    Overview of Sales Documents
•    Number Ranges
•    Sales Document Types 
•    Sales Order Item Categories
•    Schedule Line Categories
•    Copy Control
•    Special Sales Document types
  o    Quotation
  o    Cash Sale Process
  o    Rush Sales Process
  o    Credit Process
  o    Debit Process
  o    Returns Process
  o    Invoice Correction Request
  o    Product Proposal

Advance Available to Promise and Transfer of Requirement

  • Transfer of Requirement

  • Product Availability check

  • Back Order Processing

  • Product Allocation

  • ABC- Alternative Based Confirmation


  • Billing Process Overview
    o    Standard Billing
    o    Proforma Invoice
    o    Cancellation Invoice
    o    Inter company Invoice

  • Collective Billing and Copy Control

  • Invoice Listing

  • Billing Plans

  • Rebate Agreements

Diverse Sales Functions

  • Output Control

  • Text Determination

  • Inter company Sales Processing overview

Reporting & Advanced Fiori Apps

  • Smart Business Applications to handle fulfillment issues

  • Embedded Analytics with Fiori

  • Overview Dashboards in Fiori

  • Transaction code-based reporting

Master data Configuration

  • Customer Master

  • Business Partner Approach & Configurations

  • Material Master

  • Master Data Related Configurations

  • Partner Determination

Contracts and Special Processes

  • Quantity Contract

  • Value Contract

  • Master Contract

  • Scheduling Agreements

  • Consignment Stock Process

Sales and Distribution Basic Functions

  • Incompletion Procedure

  • Material Determination

  • Material Listing and Exclusion

  • Free Goods Determination

  • Partner Determination

  • Sales Order & Quotation Approval Flexible Fiori Workflows

Logistics Execution Process

  • Delivery Process Overview
    o    Delivery Document type
    o    Delivery Item categories
    o    Shipping Point determination
    o    Storage location determination
    o    Delivery Blocks

  • Picking and Packing

  • Returnable Packaging

  • Post Goods Issue

  • Routes


  • Condition Technique and It’s use in Pricing
    o    Condition Table
    o    Condition Type
    o    Access Sequence
    o    Pricing Procedure Design
    o    Pricing Procedure Determination

  • Condition Exclusion

  • Price-Relevant Master data
    o    Price List
    o    Customer Pricing Group
    o    Material Pricing Group

  • Account Determination

  • Tax Determination

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