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Simple Logistics - Advance Sourcing & Procurement Instructor Led Training

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Note - MM (Material Management) & Sourcing & Procurement are same module in SAP. in ECC module name was MM & in S/4 Hana it is called Souricing & Procurement but both represents procurement processes in SAP. 


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What is Simple Logistics?

Simple Logistics as a term came in market after SAP's success of Simple Finance, Where SAP came up Simple Finance as a product introducing simplification of data model for finance & many new features for FICO module. But SAP has not brought any product name Simple Logistics, it is just a terminology which refers to changes and new function features introduced for logistics modules, where it is not limited to one module but can cover all modules apart from FICO. Simple Finance & Simple Logistics are now part of SAP Product - SAP S/4 Hana

In Summary Simple logistics refer to changes in functional logistics module i.e. SD, MM, PP, IM,LE, QM compare to ECC.


SAP Sourcing & Procurement Introduction

SAP MM or Sourcing & Procurement is functional module of SAP. It provides industry best practice processes for sourcing & Procurement, which can be adopted by any enterprise with some pre configurations and master data set up. It has all main sourcing & procurement processes from procurement to pay & has strong integration with other core modules like Finance & Controlling, Inventory Management.


Apart from it's basic core processes it also offers special processes like - consignment, subcontracting, stock transfers, pipe line materials, Price Management, Service Procurement and many more.


Who is SAP Sourcing & Procurement (MM) Functional Consultant?

SAP MM Functional Consultants are people who know core business processes of Sourcing & Procurement & they also has good knowledge on what are best practice processes offered by SAP & How these processes can be configured as per individual customer requirement. They more act as business analyst with sound knowledge of SAP.


SAP MM Consultants consult business to implement SAP in sourcing & procurement department. Post implementation they act as support consultants to address issues while operations or to improve processes in SAP. This skill set is very particular in nature and does not have many people who knows both business concepts and as well as SAP detailed configurations and set up. That is why SAP functional consultants are paid well compared to other orthodox skill sets.


What is Simple Logistics - Sourcing & Procurement Course?

This Course is basicly for experienced SAP consultants, who know basics of Sourcing & Procurement (MM) module and worked on ECC. When SAP is doing generation shift from ECC to S/4 Hana, it introduces a lot of new features and many old functions are replaced with new functions. These changes required existing consultants to upskill themself with S/4 Hana changes.

In this course we will be discussing in depth of new function features introduced by SAP in Sourcing Procurement (MM) Module. Please check detailed curriculam for same.


If you don't know basics of SAP MM please do SAP S/4 Hana  Sourcing & Procurement Basic Course first, to join basic course , Please check details from Below link


SAP S/4 Hana Sourcing & Procurement Basic Training Details


What will you get from this training program?

  • Delta knowledge of SAP MM module between ECC & S/4 Hana
  • Will be able to discuss and explain new functionalities of MM to client with confidence
  • Will be able to work in SAP S/4 Hana Green Field Implementations
  • Will be able to work in SAP S/4 Hana Conversion Projects
  • Will help you to prepare for interviews
  • Will help you to prepare for SAP MM Certifications


Who Can Join this Training ?

  • SAP MM Consultants
  • SAP Functional consultants with basic knowledge of SAP MM
  • SAP Functional consultants looking for cross module knowledge
  • Project Managers/ Team Leads/ Solution Architects


Trainer Profile

Meet Parminder




Basics of SAP MM Module,

If you don't know basics of SAP MM please do SAP S/4 Hana Sourcing & Procurement Basic Course first. To join basic course , Please check details from Below link

SAP S/4 Hana Sourcong & Procurement Basic Training Details

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Simple Logistics - Advance Sourcing & Procurement Instructor Led Training

$860.00 Regular Price
$350.00Sale Price
  • INR Payment Option

  • What will you get ?

    • Unmatched learning of subject (check course curriculum) 
    • Interactive live sessions (Traditional whiteboard training)
    • All topics explained from basics to in-depth
    • Get your queries answered with live interactions with the trainer
    • Session Notes - Through website forum
    • Recording of each session (1 Year Access) 
    • Exercises (Step by Step Guide) to practice hands-on
    • One Month Free Server Access from external vendor (Limited Period Offer)
    • SAP Certification Prep - 4 Months access to Mock test simulation tool (MM)
    • Study Materials - PDF books & Presentation Deck
    • Resume Preparation- Sample Resumes
  • Course Duration & Batch Schedule

    Course Duration - 35 Hours

    Next Batch - 15th May 2021

  • Course Curricular

    Basics of Hana DB
    Basics of Hana Data Base & How it makes S/4 Hana So Special

    Data Foot Print Reduction
    Data Model Changes
    Inventory data model changes
    Impact of Data Model Change in conversion

    Activate Methodology
    Basics of Activate Methodlogy
    Project Phasis in Activate
    SAP Best Practices
    Best Practices Explorer
    Road Map Viewer
    Agile Methodology

    Basics of Fiori
    Drawbacks & Shortcomings of SAP GUI
    What is NWBC and What kind of features will be there
    Demo- How to access NWBC & Role concept
    Steps to access NWBC
    What is Fiori & UI5 ?
    Log in to Fiori , Fiori Navigation & Search Functionality
    Fiori Launch Pad basics & User Settings
    User Personalize setting in fiori launchpad
    Concept of Business Group & Catalog
    Basics of Fiori Library
    How to access SastraGeek Portal / Training Cockpit
    Activation of Fiori Application in launchpad for new user
    Fiori Technical Architecture
    Trouble Shooting in Fiori & Activation of App Services & O Data Services
    Identifying Roles & O Data Services from Fiori in Mass
    Steps to Check & Activate App in Fiori Launchpad
    Project Life Cycle with Fiori
    Fiori Gui Apps V/s Fiori Simplified Apps

    Procurenet Process flow
    Fiori Apps - Setting up your personal views for Manage Purchase OrdersNavigation & Basic reporting of Purchase Cycle & Trouble Shooting
    Reference Fiori Apps from GUI T codes
    Creation of Purchase Order by Copy existing PO through fiori
    Good Receipt against PO & Stock Analysis with Fiori
    Post Invoice Document with Fiori
    Process Steps to run procurement cycle in Fiori

    Material Master Simplifications
    Material Length Change
    Implications of Extending Material Length to 40 character
    Example of BAPI & Material fields in BAPI
    Configuration to extend material length
    Batch Management Changes

    Business Partner - Fiori Apps & Conversion
    Business Partner New Role Creation & BP Grouping
    Field Control For Business Partner
    Plant level data for Vendor Business Partner
    Business Partner Creation Through Fiori Apps
    Mass Data export from Fiori Apps
    Business Partner Impact on Conversion
    Overview of Vendor to BP conversion in ECC

    Hana Migration Cockpit Direct Transfer
    Basic Configurations & Pre-Requisite for Direct Data Transfer
    Creation of Project through migrate object fiori app
    Creation of Master Data in ECC
    Details of Migration Object Screen in Project
    End to End Process steps to get data migrated from ECC to S/4 Hana
    Architecture of Hana Migration Cockpit - File Upload
    Creation of Project with LTMC transaction
    Downloading object templates in LTMC transaction
    Preparing Data , Loading File & Clearing Mapping errors
    Simulation , Migration to S/4 Hana & Error Handling
    Features & Changes can be done with LTMOM
    Changing Excel Template & adding Z-fields in Template
    Create New Objects with LTMOM
    Hana Migration Cockpit - Staging File Approach

    Flexible Fiori Workflow
    Pre Requisite for Purchase order Release
    Concept of Linkage between Employee , BP & user ID
    HR Configurations & HR Master Data
    HR Master data Creation & Linking employee with BP
    Flexible Fiori Work flow for PO Release

    Output Management
    New Output Management with BRF+

    New Sourcing Logic
    Sourcing Logic in ECC
    Sourcing Logic in S/4 Hana
    Examples & Impact of Auto Sourcing Tick
    Fiori App for Sourcing

    Self Service Procurement
    Self Service Procurement Concept
    Fiori Apps for self service procurement
    End to end cycle for self service procurement
    New Quotation Process in S/4 Hana
    Fiori Apps for Quotation process
    End to End cycle with quotation Process
    Lean Service Management​​​​​​​
    New Material Type for Services
    Lean V/s Classic Service Procurement
    Lean Service Procurement with Serv material
    Fiori Apps for lean service Procurement

    Inventory Management App​​​​​​​
    Inventory Management Apps in S/4 Hana

    Activity Management​​​​​​​
    Concept of Activity Management
    Business use case for Activity management
    Fiori Apps for Activity and task management
    Activity and task management cycle

    Catagory Management
    Concept of Category management
    Why category management is required?
    What is difference between category management and purchase group/ purchase org
    Maintaining category management through fiori apps
    Analytics with category management

    Vendor Evaluation Classic Method​​​​​​​
    Classic way of Vendor Evaluation
    Different between classic and new vendor
    Evaluation Configurations for Vendor Evaluation
    Explanation on Criteria, Sub criteria, Weighting factors

    Analytics & Reporting​​​​​​​
    Vendor Evaluation with Questionnare
    Analytics for Vendor Evaluation
    Embedded Analytics with Query Browser
    Reporting and Analytics through Fiori Apps
    Automation Fiori Apps
    Predictive Fiori Apps

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