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Simple Logistics - SAP SD Advance



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*Free Demo Session - 20th June 2021
​​​​​​​*SD Advance Session 01 - 27th June 2021


Check Basic SD Cource (If wants to learn SAP SD Basics First)

SAP S/4 Hana SD Basic Training Details


What is Simple Logistics?

Simple Logistics as a term came in market after SAP's success of Simple Finance, Where SAP came up Simple Finance as a product introducing simplification of data model for finance & many new features for FICO module. But SAP has not brought any product name Simple Logistics, it is just a terminology which refers to changes and new function features introduced for logistics modules, where it is not limited to one module but can cover all modules apart from FICO. Simple Finance & Simple Logistics are now part of SAP Product - SAP S/4 Hana

In Summary Simple logistics refer to changes in functional logistics module i.e. SD, MM, PP, IM,LE, QM compare to ECC.


SAP SD Introduction

SAP SD - Sales & Distribution is functional module of SAP. It provides industry best practice processes for sales & distribution, which can be adopted by any enterprise with some pre configurations and master data set up. It has all main sales processes from lead to Cash or Order to Cash & has strong integration with other core modules like Finance & Controlling, Inventory Management.

Apart from it's basic core processes it also offers special processes like - consignment sales, third party sales, Free Goods, Discounted Goods, Price Management, Direct sales and many more.


Who is SAP SD Functional Consultant?

SAP SD Functional Consultants are people who know core business processes of sales and distribution & they also has good knowledge on what are best practice processes offered by SAP & How these processes can be configured as per individual customer requirement. They more act as business analyst with sound knowledge of SAP.


SAP SD Consultants consult business to implement SAP in sales and distribution area. Post implementation they act as support consultants to address issues while operations or to improve processes in SAP.This skill set is very particular in nature and does not have many people who knows both business concepts and as well as SAP detailed configurations and set up. That is why SAP functional consultants are paid well compared to other orthodox skill sets.


What is Simple Logistics - Sales Advance Course?

This Course is basicly for experienced SAP consultants, who know basics of sales and distribution module and worked on ECC. When SAP is doing generation shift from ECC to S/4 Hana, it introduces a lot of new features and many old functions are replaced with new functions. These changes required existing consultants to upskill themself with S/4 Hana changes.

In this course we will be discussing in depth of new function features introduced by SAP in SD Module. Please check detailed curriculam for same.


If you don't know basics of SAP SD please do SAP S/4 Hana SD Basic Course first to join this course , Please check details from Below link


SAP S/4 Hana SD Basic Training Details


What will you get from this training program?

  • Delta knowledge of SAP SD module between ECC & S/4 Hana
  • Will be able to discuss and explain new functionalities of SD to client with confidence
  • Will be able to work in SAP S/4 Hana Green Field Implementations
  • Will be able to work in SAP S/4 Hana Conversion Projects
  • Will help you to prepare for interviews
  • Will help you to prepare for SAP SD Certifications


Who Can Join this Training ?

  • SAP SD Consultants
  • SAP Functional consultants with basic knowledge of SAP SD
  • SAP Functional consultants looking for cross module knowledge
  • Project Managers/ Team Leads/ Solution Architects


Course Pre-requisite 

  • Basics of SAP SD Module
  • If you don't know basics of SAP SD please do SAP S/4 Hana SD Basic Course first to join this course , Please check details from Below link

    SAP S/4 Hana SD Basic Training Details


Trainer Profile

Meet Rudra

Meet Parminder

Simple Logistics - SAP SD Advance

$800.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
  • What will you get?

    • Unmatched learning of subject (check course curriculum) 
    • Interactive live sessions
    • All topics explained from basics to in-depth
    • Get your queries answered with live interactions with the trainer
    • Session Notes - Through website forum
    • Recording of each session (1 Year Access) 
    • Exercises (Step by Step Guide) to practice hands-on
    • On-Demand practice server access (Additional charges apply)
    • SAP Certification Prep - 4 Months access to Mock test simulation tool (SD)
    • Study Materials - PDF books & Presentation Deck
    • Resume Preparation- Sample Resumes
    • 2 months of Server Access (Limited Period Offer )
  • Course Duration & Batch Schedule

    Course Duration - 45 Hours

    Batch Schedule
    Next Batch - 3rd April 2021
    Timing - Weekend Batch 

  • Course Curricular

    SAP Evolution and Type of SAP Projects
    SAP's Journey from R2 to S/4 HANA
    Why HANA DB is considered efficient than traditional DB?
    Data Footprint Reduction with Hana

    S/4 HANA Terminology
    S/4 HANA Terminology explanation:
    -What is difference between HANA DB / HANA Live / S/4 HANA
    - On Premise Vs On Cloud
    - Sidecar Scenario
    - Business Suite on HANA
    - Simple Finance on HANA
    - S/4 HANA Enterprise Management

    Fiori Overview
    Fiori V/s GUI
    Fiori Architecture
    Fiori Role Concepts
    Fiori Launchpad
    Fiori Trouble shooting

    Business Partner
    Business Partner & Impact on Conversion
    Configuration and Testing of Internal Standard Grouping Number range concept
    Configuration and Testing for Role Grouping and combining company code and Sales Area view
    Configuration and Testing for BP Views and combining Company code and Sales Area view
    Configuration and Testing for Field Grouping and how to make fields Mandatory/Optional/ Display or Suppress
    Configuration and Testing for Partner Role creation / Role Category creation enabling it for automatic customer master creation for new Role category and new Role

    Smart Operations with Fiori
    Order to cash Cycle & Improvements in S/4 Hana
    Manage Sales Order & Create Sales Order with Fiori
    Sales Order Fulfillment Issue
    Sales Order Fulfillment Issue Analytics
    Manage Sales Inquiries & Contracts, Sales Overview Page

    Sales Analytics with Fiori
    Query Browser
    Sales Analytics Application
    Flexible Analysis & Reporting in S/4 Hana

    Sales Order Approval Process
    Sales Order Approval Process
    Pre-Requisite of Approval Process, Linkage of User ID with Employee-BP
    HR configuration to create employee master data
    Config to Sync Employee & BP
    Create Employee ID & Link with User ID
    Configuration for Sales Order Approval
    Manage Sales Document workflows
    Manage Teams & Responsibility for Approval
    Creation of sales order for approval process
    My Inbox App for Sales Order Approval
    Steps for Sales Order Release

    aATP - BOP
    What is ATP, Product Availability Check & ATP Logic
    aATP V/s Classic ATP
    Impact of aATP on Customer using GATP-APO
    Basics of Backorder Processing & Why Advance BOP is required
    Strategies in Advanced Backorder Processing - Win, Gain & Redistribute
    Fill & Loose Strategies in BOP
    Backorder Processing Steps with Fiori
    Basic Configuration for BOP
    Creation of Segment & Logic of Criteria & Conditions
    Dynamic / Relative Dates in BOP
    Exclusion & Prioritization in BOP Segment
    Configure BOP Variant
    Backorder Processing Simulation with sales orders examples
    Backorder Processing Actual Run

    aATP - Product Allocation
    What is Product allocation? & Why do we require?
    Business Scenarios for Product Allocation
    Backorder Processing with Product Allocation
    Product Allocation in ECC V/s S/4 Hana
    Product Allocation Fiori Apps
    SPRO Configuration for Product Allocation
    Configure Product Allocation Object & Maintain Planning Data
    Product Allocation Sequence App Architecture
    Sequence Constraints in Product allocation
    Backward & Forward Consumption Concept
    Constraint Groups Concept
    Capacity Constraint Sequence Concept
    Maintenance of Product Allocation Sequence through Fiori App
    Concept of Unrestricted Availability
    Creation of multiple sequence groups
    Capacity Constraint set up & Assignment of Sequence to Material & Plant
    Product allocation impact on sales orders
    Changing Planning Data & Impact on Sales Order
    Product Allocation Overview

    aATP - Alternative Based Confirmation
    What is ABC (Alternative Based Confirmation) & Why it is required?ABC Limitations till 1909 version & Improvements in 1909 version
    Alternative Based Confirmation Strategies
    Tie-Breaker Logic in ABC
    System Set up for ABC Scenario - Creation of additional plant
    ABC Strategy Set up
    ABC - Configure Alternative Control
    ABC - Alternative Plant determination in Sales Order

    aATP - Release For Delivery
    Release for Delivery concept
    RFD - Order Fulfillment Responsibility
    Release for Delivery Fiori App & Creation of Delivery from RFD app

    aATP - Product Substitution
    Key Concepts of Product Substitution
    Apps Used in Product substitution
    Create & Manage Product Substitution

    aATP - Supply Protection
    Key Concepts of Supply Protection
    App used for Supply chain Protection
    Objects & Groups for Supply Protection
    Time Buckets

    Rebate Settlement Management in S4 HANA
    Basics of rebate management
    ECC v/s S4 Hana Rebate Management
    Basics of Settlement Management
    Creation of Condition Contracts
    Settlement of Condition Contracts
    Impact on Conversion

    FSCM - Credit Management in S/4 HANA​​​​​​​
    Basics of Credit Management
    ECC V/s S4 Hana Credit Management
    Basics of FSCM Credit Management
    Credit Management Configurations
    Fiori Apps for Credit Management
    Overview of Formula editor for credit management

    Advance output management​​​​​​​
    Concept of New Output Management in S/4 Hana
    Configuration of New Output Management
    Decision Tables
    Shortcoming on New output Management

    Salesforce - Pre Sales​​​​​​​
    Activity Management
    Lead management
    Opportunity Management
    Pipeline Management

    Miscellaneous Topics​​​​​​​
    Intercompany sales processing understanding and configuration
    Intercompany sales Process testing
    Customer Hierarchy configuration and testing
    ​​​​​​​Product Hierarchy configuration and testing Flexible Billing Document Numbering

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