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SAP S/4 FICO (Experienced)


Suitable for only 3+ years Experienced SAP FICO Consultants.


Course Content:

This course will prepare you to work on the SAP S/4 HANA Finance implementation/ migration project independently. It will also help you to pass the Simple Finance Certification exam as 100% of the certification content will be covered in this course 


Introduction to SAP HANA:

  • Introduction to SAP HANA

  • SAP In-Memory Strategy

  • Architecture Overview

  • Row Store

  • Column Store

  • Parallelization

  • HANA Calculation Engine


Introduction to SAP S/4 HANA:


  • S/4 HANA Roadmap

  • Key Pillars of S/4

  • Simplified Processes

  • SAP Fiori

  • Principle of One

  • Benefits of S/4 HANA from business perspective

  • Benefits of SAP S/4 from IT perspective

  • Ways from Business Suite to S/4 HANA

  • Deployment Options (On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid)


Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology:


  • Different Scenarios of Migration

  • System Conversion

  • Landscape transformation

  • New implementation

  • Phases in Activate Methodology

Simple Finance Greenfield Implementation Project:

Complete Configuration right from the creation of Company Code to generate the Financial Statements and performing the Period End/ Year-end activities will be covered from New GL, Classic GL, Account-Based COPA, Controlling and Material Ledger viewpoint.

New Functionalities in SAP Simple Finance:


  • Introduction to Universal Journal Table

  • Universal Journal Configuration

  • Parallel Currency Config

  • Unified Master Data

  • Appendix/ Extended Ledger

  • Account-based vs Ledger based Approach in S/4

  • CO Document Mapping Variant

  • New Asset Accounting

  • Activating Real-Time Postings to multiple valuations w/o using Delta Areas

  • Asset Accounting Technical Clearing Account

  • Integrated Asset Acquisition – Operational vs Valuation Specific posting

  • Account-based COPA Simplifications

  • COGS Split in Account-based COPA

  • Simplified Material Ledger

  • Simplified Asset Life Cycle

  • Simplified Depreciation Postings

  • Demo on SAP Fiori Apps for performing Financial Transactions

  • Central Finance

  • SLT Replication

  • Master Data Governance

  • Overview of SAP New Cash Management – Bank Account Management

  • Overview of SAP Integrated Business Planning for Finance– Cost Object Planning in embedded BW, Plan vs Actual reporting using IBPF

Now once you know how to implement the SAP S/4 HANA Finance system independently, we will talk about how you will be doing the migration from the existing SAP system to the SAP S/4 system. Each and every activity from Migration Cockpit will be explained by referring to

Migration to SAP Simple Finance real-time scenarios:


  • Migration Methodology

  • Migration Tools – SUM, CCA, etc

  • Preparation for Migration

  • Installation of Add-on

  • Migration Cockpit

  • Migration of Master Data

  • Configuration of New Functionalities

  • Migration from Classic GL

  • Migration from New GL

  • Migrate to New Asset Accounting

  • Post Migration Activities

  • Setting migration to complete


Overview of SAP Simple Logistics:

To add some more value to your profile, this topic will help you to understand what has been changed from the Logistics point of view

  • Overview of New functionalities

  • Architectural Changes in Inventory Management

  • Architectural Changes in Material Valuation

  • FSCM Credit Management

  • Mandatory Activation Material Ledger

  • Business Partner Approach

  • MRP Live


Target Audience: SAP ECC Consultants wanted to upgrade to S/4 HANA.

Version: SAP S/4 1909

SAP S/4 FICO (Experienced)

$484.00 Regular Price
$221.00Sale Price
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