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SAP ABAP Enhancement Made Easy!

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This is a handcrafted course to be competnet enough to solve any kind of Enhancement related issue. You will come to know which enhancement approach need to be adopted for a specific requirement. Enhancement will be easily digestable and enjoyable. 




To obtain knowledge on SAP ABAP Enhancement. 




1. Anyone who wants to start their carrier as SAP S/4 Hana ABAP Programer.

2. SAP Functional-consultants/Team leads/delivery managers.

3. SAP Technical Consultants who want to upgrade their profile as techno-functional.

4. Fresh Graduate/Engineering/MBA/MCA




Basic knowledge of Programming language Jawa, SQL, PYTHON, ABAP but not mandatory.

Duration of Training - 25Hrs

Trainer ProfilePankaj Kumar Ram

New Batch is Starting From :
Weekend Batches
Starting from 20th FEB 2021
Timings 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM IST

SAP ABAP Enhancement Made Easy!

$399.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
  • INR Payment Option

  • What will you get?

    • Unmatched learning of subject (check course curriculum) 
    • Interactive recorded sessions (Traditional whiteboard training)
    • All topics explained from basics to in-depth
    • Session Notes - Through website forum
    • Recording of each session (1 Year Access) 
    • Exercises (Step by Step Guide) to practice hands-on
    • On-Demand practice server access (Additional charges apply)
    • SAP Certification Prep - 4 Months access to Mock test simulation tool (ABAP)
    • Study Materials - PDF books & Presentation Deck
    • Resume Preparation- Sample Resumes
  • Check Sample Videos

    Sample Videos

  • Course Curricular

    Course Content

    * Code Modification

    * User Exit - Concept with Real Time Example

    Naming Convention of User Exit
    How to find User Exits
    How to Implement User Exits
    Advantage of User Exit over direct Code modification
    Limitations of User Exits
    Real Time Example

    * Customer Exit - Concept with Real Time Example

    Naming convention
    How to find the Customer Exits
    Various way of finding the Customer Exits
    How to implement the Customer Exit
    Advantage of Customer Exit over User Exit
    Limitations of Customer Exit
    Real Time Examples

    * BTE - Concept with Real Time Example

    What is BTE?
    How to find BTEs?
    When, where and how to use?
    Real time Example?
    Advantage of BTEs
    Limitations of BTEs
    Real Time Examples

    * Menu Exits - Concept with Real Time Example

    What is Menu Exits?
    How to find Menu Exits
    How to Implement Menu Exits

    * Screen Exits - Concept with Real Time Example

    -> What is Screen Exits?
    -> How to find the screen Exits?
    -> How to implement the screen Exits?
    -> Examples
    -> Assignments

    * Business ADD-Ins (BADI's) - Concept with Real Time Example

    Classic BADI
    -> What is Classic BADI?
    -> How to find the Classic BADI?
    -> Various way of finding the Classic BADI?
    -> How to Implement the Classic BADI?
    -> Feasibility to check to call the implementation in sequence
    -> How to call the implementation in defined sequence if possible
    -> Advantages over Customer Exit
    -> Limitations
    -> Advantages
    Kernel BADI
    -> What is Kernel BADI?
    -> How to find the Kernel BADI
    -> What is the Advantage of Kernel BADI over Classic BADI?
    -> How to Implement Kernel BADI
    -> How to identify if the implemented BADI is Kernel BADI or Classic BADI?
    -> Difference between Classic BADI and Kernel BADI?
    Filter BADI
    -> What is Filter BADI?
    -> How to identify a Filter BADI?
    -> How to implement a Filter BADI?
    -> Example
    -> Assignment
    FALL Back Class
    -> What is Fall Back Class?
    -> When to use and How to Use
    -> Example
    -> Assignment

    * Explicit enhancement and - Concept with Real Time Example

    -> What is Explicit Enhancement?
    -> How to identify Explicit Enhancement?
    -> What is Enhancement Spot?
    -> What is Enhancement Section?
    -> What is the difference between Enhancement spot and enhancement section
    -> How to implement Enhancement point and enhancement section

    * Implicit enhancement - Concept with Real Time Example

    -> What is Implicit Enhancement?
    -> How to identify the implicit enhancement?
    -> What are the various implicit places for Implicit Enhancement?
    -> How to implement Implicit Enhancement
    -> Example
    -> Implementation

    * Enhancement Switch Framework - Concept with Real Time Example

    -> What is Enhancement Switch Framework?
    -> How to use and implement
    -> Example
    -> Assignment

    Extra Help to Interview Questions And Answer Preparation

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